Clearoma® Automotive, RV and Marine Odor Control


Clearoma® is a full strength odor control product that has been specifically designed to eliminate all repugnant odors without leaving a harsh chemical smell. Excellent for use in automobiles, emergency vehicles, taxi cabs, recreational vehicles, motor homes, trailers, campers, garbage trucks, boat heads, bilges, galley and living areas and is effective the removal of cigarette smoke, musty damp smells, cooking odors, garbage smells, pet odors (including urine smell and skunk odor).

Clearoma® is also especially effective when washing floors, carpets, and cargo areas to control odors left by smelly commodities like fish, manure, and the like.


Eliminating Odors in Autos, RV's and Boats


Clearoma® is perfect for:


How to use Clearoma®