Clearoma® Institutional / Industrial Odor Control


Hotel and Motel Odor Control

What do these operators know about odor control that you don't?



Replace those nasty ozone machines with our Clearoma® Fan Unit and our Gel-Pak for an enviromentally friendly total odor control solution! Hundreds of hotels in Canada and the USA have now converted to using Clearoma exclusively for odor treatment.


Real Estate and Property Management Odor Control

Clearoma® Products are widely used by companies to eliminate offensive odors such as cooking smells, cigarette/cigar smoke, mildew, pet odors and other offensive organic odors. Clearoma® ELIMINATES all organic odors, while replacing them with a subtle fresh scent, which dissipates as the smell is eliminated


Patrol Car Odor Control

Uses sprayers for instant elimination of obnoxious odors.


Canine Units Odor Control


Holding Tanks/Interview Room Odor Control


Crime Scene Odor Control


Fire Department Odor Control


Funeral Home Odor Control


Helpful Hints


Clearoma® is Cost effective. Clearoma® products are highly concentrated – a little goes a long way.

Clearoma® is also especially effective when washing floors and walls, in mobile carpet cleaning units, and in cargo areas to control odors left by smelly commodities like fish, manure, and the like. Clearoma® is 100% biodegradable and is environmentally friendly.

Common Clearoma® industrial odor control applications include:

Click here for the Clearoma® Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / WHMIS)

Clearoma® is a full strength industrial odor control product that has been specifically designed to eliminate all repugnant odors without leaving a harsh chemical smell.