Clearoma® Medical Odor Control


Because our Clearoma® Gel-Pak® has no airborne particals, it is widely used in the medical industry. From examining rooms and Cancer Clinics to Funeral Homes and Morgues, Clearoma® is a full strength industrial odor treatment product that has been specifically designed to eliminate all repugnant odors without leaving a harsh chemical smell. Clearoma products have been used and sold in Canada and Europe for years.

Common Clearoma® medical uses include:



Ostomax 202™

Ostomy Appliance Odor Eliminiator


In your time of medical discomfort and your search for odor control solutions, many people focus on their immediate problem and tend to forget about the environment. Most stoma odor control products contain ingredients harmful to the environment.

Ostomax products are 100% BIODEGRADABLE and environmentally friendly. They do not contain any Formaldehyde, Copper complexes or any other chemicals that may be harmful to the environment, but is instead formulated with essential oils, natural aldehydes, esters & ketones with vapor reducing properties.

Ostomax is NEW TECHNOLOGY that eliminates stubborn and unpleasant odors quickly and safely which was developed for use by people who respect our environment

Economical and easy to use!

Requires only 3 or 4 drops per application.

Ostomy Odor Control - Sold since 2005

Ostomax 202™ for use due to:


Ostomax 202™


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