Clearoma® Pet Odor Control


Clearoma® products are excellent for pet odor control and the pet industry . Clearoma® has proven itself effective, even in the face of such repugnant smells as skunk odors, as Scott Beckett and his dog Ace found out, when Ace was sprayed by a skunk, and Clearoma® 'came to the rescue'.

Some common uses of Clearoma® for pet odor control include:

Pet Beds
Simply spray Clearoma® over the surface of bedding material when odors become unbearable. For continuous odor control place a Gel-Pak in the room away from pets.

Kennels & Runs
For immediate odor control: Spray Clearoma® in kennel or run. One capful of Clearoma® liquid in 2 gallons of water for washing or damp mopping floors works wonders.
Pet Grooming
½ tsp. or less of liquid Clearoma® mixed with 2 gallons of water and a capful of pet shampoo will leave your pet smelling clean and fresh until the next grooming. Works wonders for that 'wet dog' smell when your pet gets wet outdoors and comes back inside. Spray a little Clearoma® on the animals coat and rub it in.

Skunk Odor
Mix together 1 tsp. of liquid Clearoma®, a capful of your favorite pet shampoo, and 2 gallons of warm water. Bathe the animal and the odor will be gone. See Scott Beckett's or Ellen Vallie's Testimony.

Cat Spray and Kitty Litter Boxes
Wash affected area with soap and water with a few drops of Clearoma® liquid added. You may also spray affected area for instant results.

Safe for Reptile Odor Control. Use a few drops in your rinse water when cleaning the habitat to help eliminate odors.

Used everyday across North America by breeders, exhibitors, and store owners. Clearoma® is safe to use and is 100% biodegradable.Safe for reptile odor control.