Clearoma® Sports Odor Control


Clearoma® Products are an effective odor elimination system for all sport facilities.

Clearoma® products have proven very effective in eliminating organic odors from all sports equipment and are widely used for eliminating offensive odors in showers, bathrooms, kitchens, portable toilets, lockers, lockers rooms, equipment rooms, and in personal sport bags. Clearoma® is 100% biodegradable & is environmentally friendly.

For Locker Rooms:


Gym Bags, Hockey Bag, or any Sports Bag:




Equipment Rooms:


Exercise Equipment:


Portable Toilets:




Clearoma® is very economical. It is highly concentrated and comes in an assortment of cost effective sizes.

Our Gel-Paks and sprayers can be refilled using Clearoma® liquid.

Our Fan Units can be placed on a timer to run during closing hours, which will insure a refreshing start to your new day.

Quickly spray Clearoma® for lingering odors. An effective odor treatment.